English William Morris

During our Victorian topic, we have been studying Biographies about the artist named William Morris. This morning, we have improved our skills.

- Subordinate clauses

- expanded noun phrases

- good vocabulary using a thesaurus 

- parenthesis

- using commas correctly

- sentence starters, so we have variety in our writing

- comma shape and size

It has been very helpful to work with our partners, to write on white boards and to look at previous examples.

Thank you for reading, Beech class.

William Morris art sketches

As part of our studies, we are exploring the artwork of William Morris. After selecting a print of their choice, the children are beginning to develop sketches ready for painting.

Here is just a glimpse of our progress so far. 

We will be finding out more about the artist and how his childhood influenced his creations next week. Some of you may even have visited a museum which displayed examples of his work or 'Red House' in Bexleyheath.

Welcome to Year 6

We have had a wonderful first week and have begun to settle into our routines. Science is underway with our electricity unit and we have begun to explore the Victorian Era. We will soon be studying William Morris and how his childhood influenced his designs.

In maths, we have explored reading, writing, comparing and ordering numbers to ten million. Today, we recapped difference when using positive and negative numbers. We have learnt about the importance of identifying scales when the intervals differ from 1's, 2's and 10's. 

Homework routines

Homework is provided on a Monday and an overview has been provided for three weeks.

Wednesday - Maths is due (We apologise for the comma error this week. We are aware and have informed the children).

Thursday - Comprehension (you may keep the booklet until the end of the unit). In class, we check the responses during early work.

Friday - Spelling due and reading record to be on your desk so it can be checked.

Year 6 take to the stage one final time.

A show stopper! A performance that wowed the audience. From the racing ducks, to the tiny snail, your performance had it all. It was full of energy, enthusiasm and joy. Well done Sycamore and Beech class for working as a team throughout the last few weeks. Enjoy your last day in KS2 tomorrow and let yourselves shine. It has been a pleasure to support you all and I hope these photographs capture the spirit of your day.

Lunar Theme Park is launched

Over the last two weeks, we have been working as a group to design and create a lunar theme park. To do this we were given a budget of £500,000. The very next day we were told that we had an extra 10% to spend on our theme park. We were really happy, as it could instead have been 10% less.

Next, we planned our park out on a piece of squared paper thus enabling us to space out our park. We made sure it was fun for all ages. The best theme park would attract the highest entrance fee. Some of our team presented the theme park to the teacher and the class. We used our best persuasive language. From this we could calculate the gate revenue. Once this was complete, we calculated the maintenance prices, as well as the cafe and shop wages and income.

Overall, the project was a great success and amazing fun. It taught the class life skills and business skills. We handled huge numbers in our calculations.