Toy Theatre Day one and two Beech Class

Beech class has been creating toy theatres for two days now and they have been really enjoying it. They have been inspired by how quickly a pile of balsa wood can turn into a real theatre.

Teamwork has been crucial.

Listening skills so we knew and understood how to construct the theatre.

Maths skills to measure the balsa wood accurately.

Concentration is vital.

To persevere through difficult times.

Thank you to all of our helpers for using the glue guns and helping construct the theatre. They helped us when we needed them the most. It is very helpful to have another perspective.

Electric Avenue

In science, both year 6 classes have been experimenting with electrical circuits! Some might say they’ve had quite a few light bulb moments!

Welcome to Year 6 2018

Welcome to Year 6 from the whole team.

We will use the blog to share with you updates about our learning, homework and news. We'll keep sharing photographs of our learning and the magic moments that happen in school. Sometimes the children help us to write on the blog.


When is homework provided? 

Our homework is officially provided on a Monday. Maths is to be returned on Wednesday, English comprehension on Thursday and our spelling test is on Friday. 

How is it marked? 

Learning is marked in class and this allows us to identify what has gone well and how we could strengthen our responses or use a more efficient method. 


On a Friday, the reading records of the children are checked. To build stamina and a passion for reading, we ask the children to read at least 1 hour a week. We recommend that the children jot down how long they read for on their reading records. The children may collect a new record as they are needed

Our studies

Maths: we are developing our understanding of place value (rounding, negative numbers, comparing), addition and subtraction, multiplication and division. It is important to have a secure recall of the times tables.

English: we begun by writing an autobiography extract. Over the next two weeks we shall be developing biographies. Our first biography has been based on William Morris.

Handwriting and spelling: Letter formation is very important in writing. We are reminding the children to ensure each letter is correctly positioned with ascender and descenders clear. The letter 'e' needs to show the loop.

Art: Sketches and water colours based on the artist William Morris. This will included outside art using the grounds and our natural resources to create our own designs.

History (topic): Exploring key significant figures in the Victorian era. We have begun with Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Year 6 Residential 2018

Good evening, I am sure the children have been busy sharing the magic moments from their trip. This may take me a little while to go through, yet here are some of our photographs from our trip to Lodge Hill. 

Sports Day

Congratulations Year 6. A fabulous final afternoon of this long term. You have worked very hard and very much deserve the rest.

Here are some images from the day. When you design your final bookmaking page, you may want to print off a photograph or two for your book.

Bollywood Dance Workshop

The children thoroughly enjoyed their dance workshop. It was fast past and the routine was picked up swiftly. It was a delight to hear the praise the instructors gave about the behaviour and engagement of the children. Well done Year 6!

 We are now using our knowledge of dance to choreograph new elements and add them to our routine ready for a performance later this year.

Hindu art

Wow! Today we took our ideas from our trip to Neasden temple and from our examples to make a start on our individual pieces.

Bookmaking is well under way too. There have been many beaming smiles.

Victorian day!

Today, children from year 6 enjoyed a day exploring the Victorians. In the morning, the children experienced what a school day would of been like: They chanted their times tables, wrote neatly (right hand only) and solved maths problems involving old money. After break, the children had a formal debate about child labour. In the afternoon, the children preformed using their toy theatres and scripts.

Toy Theatre Week

Wow! The children have worked with great focus and determination throughout the week on their project. Here is just a few images from the week. We began with 8 pieces of balsa wood and now we have a whole toy theatre.